Parce - Makes Your Device Smart

Cloud Infrastructure Developer

About Parce

Parce is a young company based in Munich, Germany. Everything started with the crowdfunding campaign "The Parce Idea" on Indiegogo with the objective to build the "Parce One", a smart power plug that enables the user to monitor power consumption and switch on/off an attached device. It is the first step of making your devices smart. As of April 2016, the Parce One is in serial production and is available for purchase throughout Germany via the biggest consumer electronics retailer.

As switching devices on and off is just the beginning our next step on the way to make every device smart is to get our technology into various products: We will build and sell a fully fledged IoT stack for other device manufacturers. We want to make products intelligent and bring great features to the customer. We want to transform manufacturers' business models by providing new technology helping them to differentiate from the competition.

We are a team of three founders with backgrounds in electronics, business administration, aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, software development, cloud infrastructure and design. Now we are looking for Parce's first employees who share the vision, want to apply themselves and help to shape the future of Parce.

Your Responsibilities

The Parce IoT Platform is based on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service layer. We are building automation, monitoring and IoT services on top. Your task is design, automate and operate the infrastructure for the Parce IoT Platform (e.g. Kubernetes clusters, logging pipeline, Spark clusters, intelligent proxies, ...). We love beautifully designed APIs. Your services will interact with the IaaS layer and expose RESTful HTTP APIs or gRPC interfaces to be used by higher-level services. We will provide room for creativity and hope you come up with cool ideas on how to improve our technology and product lineup.

Our target is to build a highly scalable and reliable platform. For this we use the best technology and are constantly evaluating new stuff. Expect to work a lot with Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra, Redis or Kafka! Still in some cases we use good ol' PostgreSQL. To build solid services we rely on automated tests and continuous integration. We use the products we build for our customers ourselves. This allows us to leverage the great technology we are building but also feel our customers' pain and know exactly what should be improved.

As your work will have lots of touch points to the IoT applications layer you will work closely with our cloud IoT platform developers. They are responsible for the high-level stuff and care about the services leveraging on your VMs, networks, databases etc. However the distinction between the Cloud Infrastructure Developer and an IoT Platform Developer is fuzzy. If you are not afraid of application development, you will learn a lot for sure!

We want you to help shaping to future of Parce. The success of Parce is not possible without great employees. We want you to participate in the company's success and provide stock options to every new employee.

Your Qualifications

  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent, or be a recognized expert in the field
  • Good communication skills and fluency in English (German is a plus)
  • You are able to explain complex technology and like to share knowledge with your peers
  • Experience in at least two programming languages
  • You are familiar with Bash scripting
  • Lots of experience setting up Linux servers (we really like Debian)
  • Experience with Docker, rkt or other containerization abstraction. Or you like it dirty and use Kernel namespaces directly.
  • You have an opinion about „DevOps“
  • You have already worked (or played) with IaaS and know how to leverage virtualization
  • Your favorite OSI layers are 2, 3 and 4
  • You talk about TLS instead of SSL
  • To put it simply you really know your stuff
  • You have a split personality: One third is a sysadmin and two thirds are developer.
If you have any questions or want to apply for this job please send an email to