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Parce IoT Cloud

Cloud Services to Develop, Operate and Analyze Smart Devices

Your Advantages to Produce Smart Devices.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Home offer huge opportunities for manufacturers of consumer electronics. Offer innovative products to your customers, benefit from valuable insights and establish new business models.

Smart Devices

Comfort and flexibility for your customers

  • Simple control via app
  • Voice control
  • Remote control
  • Automatic orders of supply materials (e.g. coffee beans)
  • Direct customer service by remote maintenance

Smart Data

Valuable insights from devices in the field

  • Performance monitoring of devices in the field
  • Fleet Management of all devices
  • Management and configuration through Digital Twin approach
  • Insights and facts for development and error-avoidance
  • Lower costs for customer service by remote maintenance

New Business Models

Additional revenues and long-term success

  • Leasing and renting of devices
  • Pay per Use
  • Additional maintenance services based on device data
  • Value added services through paid upgrades
  • More models possible through API for external partners

Parce IoT Cloud

You can focus on your strengths: developing and manufacturing your devices. We handle the operations of the backend. Your devices get smart and you benefit from the advantages.


Parce IoT Cloud is a stack of service modules. You choose which ones you need. They are provided from the Parce IoT Cloud or can be run on your own infrastructure.

Modular Services

Services can be used individually or as a whole. Some services are user management, device management, time-series database, data calculator, message broker, integrations for smart home like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Hybrid Cloud

All services are available from the Parce IoT Cloud or can be used on your infrastructure.

Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboard will be customized for your needs. It is your command center for all activities and analytics tools.


Integrations will be provided for connections to systems such as ERP system or customer service system.

External Interfaces

External partners can connect to your services and data through an API.

Benefit from our Experience.

We support you on your journey to master the digital transformation of your products and businesses.

Lower Development Costs

Parce IoT Cloud has been designed from ground up to host other manufacturers.

Proven performance

Our own smart products use the Parce IoT Cloud. Minimize your risk by our expertise.

Fair Business Model

We charge per device and service – and only when your customer connects his device to the cloud.

Short Time to Market

Cut development times and costs with our running infrastructure that we developed for our own products.

Additional Revenues

Additional recurring revenue streams with new business models that are only possible with smart devices and smart data.

Modern Infrastructure

Parce IoT Cloud has been designed and developed with regards to scalability, high availability and security.

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